Typographic Visual documentation

by Tarek Atrissi

Below is the short description of the course I am giving in collaboration with Unesco. Having the students in various locations across the Arab world is great- since we are getting a typographic taste of various locations. Two images are posted below from the student’s research and first documentation (the lower pic is from Nakkoura south of Lebanon, very unique Latin typographic environment)- Above image: Celine Khairallah. Lower image: Kinda Hassan

Above: Celine Khairallah. Below: Kinda Hassan

The course will consist mainly of documenting, analyzing, studying and working on the natural and unique graphic and typographic environment that surrounds us in the Arab world. The course will benefit from the students being in different parts of the Arab world, and will encourage students to appreciate the visual environmental language that surrounds them, and will let them see the common and different aspects of the street typo-graphic language across our region.

The projects and the course simply investigate the possibility of creating a graphic & typographic based design or multimedia language that belongs to the students’ own surrounding, a visual language that is unique to the location where the design work was produced, and that couldn’t be developed elsewhere. It is a mission to create a true “local� design, either in Print or Multimedia. The ultimate goal is to make the participants aware of the unique Arab culture in what it presents in terms of visual environmental language, and have them appreciate this and use it more in their future projects. Because of the online nature of the course, the students will be encouraged to work with multimedia and to focus on motion graphics- but Print work is as well a medium the students can decide to work with.