Across Borders Poster

Year: 2017. Country: Spain. Client: Across Borders Exhibition

Across Borders is a multicultural and multilingual collective exhibition on the power of design to break borders. The program invited fifteen prestigious designers and graphic artists from Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Ukraine and Barcelona to collaborate on creating a series of posters that support freedom of movement and explores the limits of the world we live in, establishing an intercultural dialogue, exploring our origins and celebrating our cultural mestizaje.


The poster design by Tarek Atrissi, shown on this page, is entitled “Typographic Connections”: We break borders by creating connections; and this typographic piece celebrates the connections created among designers through creativity, using the word “Tawasul” in Arabic,: a symbolic word that means to draw close, to connect, to communicate. The design design was printed in a one ink silkscreen, and overlaid randomly on another design, creating an unexpected final design resulting from a collaborative experimental process.


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