Amnesty International chooses for Al-Ghad font

By Tarek Atrissi

The new look and feel of the Amnesty International Website brought with it a change to their Arabic Logo Signature. Pleasantly surprising, Amnesty chose for our font “Al-Ghad” which we have designed at Tarek Atrissi Design- to be the font used in their Arabic logo and their primary communication. In comparison to then previous generic Arabic type Amnesty used prior to this; Al-Ghad seems as a better choice to fit Trade Gothic used in Latin.

Amnesty International Logo

New Arabic Logo of Amnesty International Using Atrissi-Al-Ghad font

The Al-Ghad Type Family started as a font designed for the masthead and section titles for Al-ghad newspaper in Jordan- and was developed further afterwards in its design detail to be used for the jordanian Channel ATV in two weights (with the name ATV). Two other weights are being developed in our office now, and the entire font family will entirely released in 2008 under the name “Atrissi-Al-Ghad”. Currently, only the Regular and Bold versions are available for purchase. Since its first versions, Al-Ghad has been a popular font and we have been seeing it used over the years in several different medium such as signage, print design, and on the TV screens of course. Below are some examples of Al-Ghad in use in different applications.

Arabic Poster on censorship of cultural expression

Al-Ghad font used on an Arabic Poster on censorship of cultural expression in the Middle East – Poster designed by Lara Balaa

The Al-Ghad font

The Al-Ghad font as seen on TV Screen, when ATV started broadcasting in Jordan last year.