Arabic Calligraphy meets music

Year: 2013. Client: Salon Joussour, The Netherlands

1_Denhaag_arabic_typography_eventTarek Atrissi Design was commissioned to design a visual identity for Salon Joussour, a music event taking place in Korzo Theater in The Hague in the Netherlands and consisting of six episodes ranging between concerts, workshops and lectures. Salon Joussour’s aim is to create a kaleidoscope of music streaming from Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Morroco; and crafting a bridge bonding Arabic and European ingenuity, through connecting renowned Dutch musicians with guest artists from the Arab world. An event that embodies the cross-cultural spirit that we constantly try to embody in our design projects at Tarek Atrissi Design.



When discussing the event identity, the event organizer expressed his desire to truly visualize classical Arabic music as a world of passion, poetry, nuances and details. To us at Tarek Atrissi Design, this description seemed similarly applicable to the world of Arabic calligraphy and lettering, which was adopted then as a main element in the logo and identity design. The event name “Salon Joussour” has been rendered in a calligraphic cloud-like shape inspired by the musical language. It overlapped and engaged with the black and white photographs of the of the Salon musician artists to connect their body language with their instruments.




This project is a perfect example of the endless of Arabic calligraphy, particularly when adopting it into the context of a visual identity.


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