Arabic Graphics, in the heart of Amsterdam.

By Tarek Atrissi

“Arabic Graphics: The work of Tarek Atrissi in Exhibition” will be the title of the Graphic and Typographic exhibition opening in Amsterdam on May 2nd, and staying on display until the end of June. The exhibition is hosted by Stichting De Levante, the leading institute in Oriental art and culture in Holland. It will exhibit a selection of our Graphic Design work at Tarek Atrissi Design, often distinguished by a strong Arabic and cross cultural flavor.

Promotional poster for the Exhibition opening in Amsterdam on May 2nd

Needless to say, getting such a recognition here in the Netherlands is very exciting; For long our exposure was- oddly enough- mostly international, and less local. But the last two years in Holland have witnessed a great interest in cross cultural design work which became a reflection of the ever changing multi-cultural society of the Netherlands; and which is considered by many to be the new cosmopolitan face of Dutch Design. More on the exhibition, our preparation for it, and its outcomes to be posted soon on this blog. Meanwhile more on the exhibition can be seen on the expo’s website at