Arabic & Latin Typeface for Mathaf

Year: 2010. Client: Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, Qatar


Mathaf, The Arab Museum of Modern Art, is the first institution of its kind in Qatar. The Museum offers an Arab perspective on modern and contemporary art and is one of the leading museums in the region to support creativity and inspire new ideas.



The Museum opened in 2010 and was characterized by an award winning brand identity design. Tarek Atrissi Design played a key role in the branding of the museum by developing the bilingual display typeface designed exclusivity for the museum, a typeface that became one of the key recognizable elements of the visual identity.



The typeface developed was a handwritten script font: a challenge in Arabic given the fact that the script is connected and it is difficult to create a font that looks like a natural hand written font. The concept behind the font style was to give all communication material a “personal” typographic touch, making it look like an artist’s signature of annotations to a specific piece of art. The Latin font echoed the visual characteristic of the Arabic typeface and complemented it well in bilingual communication.



The Mathaf script font became the written voice of the museum, and subsequently became the written voice of contemporary & modern art in the Arab world. Years after the museum launch, it remains a key component of one of the most innovative and recognizable brands in the art world in the Middle East.



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