Art 1001 logo design

Year: 2008. Client: Weng Fine Art, Germany.

1_arabic_logo_wordmark_monogramArabic lettering is one of the best approaches to design abstract typographic logos for projects related to the Middle East. At Tarek Atrissi Design we have a particular focus and a vast experience in the world of Arabic lettering. The logo project showcased above is a good example of this expertise. This logo was designed for “Weng Fine Art”, one of the leading art dealers in Germany, to be the logo for one of their special art programs aimed to target the Arab world. The word “fan” in Arabic (which means “arts”) , was rendered in an artistic way to create a unique lettering shape that embodies elegance and refinement. The Arabic word- composed of just two letters- takes a vertical shape and is a typographic artwork that retains a lot of influences from classic Arabic calligraphy.

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