“Asrar Atbaqi” Cookbook Design

Year: 2013. Client: Al Rahela Publishing, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1_Arabic_book_cover_design_cookbookAl Rahelah Publishing in Saudi Arabia approached Tarek Atrissi Design to design the second edition of Asrar Atbaqi cookbook. The book had been previously printed however the publisher was looking to redesign the book with new food images and of course in a more visually appetizing way.



With over 500 recipes spread on more than 20 chapters, we have designed a grid structure to fit these recipes focusing on having an image for each recipe, and a clear description of the ingredients and the instructions. As Almarai is a major sponsor of this cookbook, we also included their logo, or the logos of their sub-brands on the recipes that use their products.



With such a massive cookbook project, it was a race against time to finish it in record-time, while fighting the stomach rumbles as we are designing these mouth-watering recipes.



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