Beirut Barcelona Poster

Year: 2015. Country: Spain. Client: Fedrigoni- The good Paper Chain

By invitation by the paper company Fedrigoni, this poster was designed as part of the “Good Paper Chain” project: an initiative that invites one renowned designer to design and dedicate a poster to another renowned designer.


This poster was designed by Lebanese / Dutch Tarek Atrissi and addressed for Spanish designer Laura Meseguer, under the theme of multilingual typography. The typographic poster- entitled “Beirut-Barcelona”- is crafted with hand made Arabic lettering and illustrates typographically the journey of the designer Tarek Atrissi from his hometown Beirut to his current base Barcelona: A journey that happened because of design and typography, and a journey that facilitated meeting designers from different cultures who share the love of designing type and have great interest in scripts of other languages. If only everyone in the world celebrated different cultures, languages and backgrounds and saw beauty in what is foreign, we would live in a much better world.


The poster design received several typographic awards including the 100/100 Best Arabic Poster Award in 2016. It was featured in the book “You are good” published by Fedriogini and exhibited at the Folio Club in Barcelona as part of the Good Paper Chain Exhibition.

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