Beituti Restaurant Branding

Year: 2018. Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beituti restaurant is a new Lebanese food concept scheduled to open soon its first location in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and with ambitions to expand as a franchise in the gulf region in the Middle East.


The concept of Beituti is devoted to capture the essence of Lebanese food in a contemporary setting, focusing on offering typical Lebanese home cooking. Plenty of Lebanese restaurants around the world offer the typical known Lebanese dishes, such as Hummus, Falafel, Shawarma and various mezzeh platters. Few to no restaurants focus on real Lebanese home cooking and traditional dishes often prepared and served only at homes. Beituti restaurant concept focused on the core idea of bringing the variety of authentic home made recipes to the Lebanese people living abroad and to new customers curious about true Lebanese home cooking.


Tarek Atrissi Design was commissioned to develop and design the branding for this new food concept, starting with the naming of the restaurant, and including the design of the full visual identity, styling, concept polishing, and interior design of this new venture. The designed identity was delivered as an online identity manual, which is a digital tool that includes the full and elaborate guidelines of the brand’s rules of usage and all design assets needed for any print or digital communication material.


The identity design created by Tarek Atrissi Design was simple, modern, iconic and minimalist. A bilingual wordmark using a sans serif latin font and traditional Arabic calligraphy combined with a set of line-art illustrations that are typical to “homy” Lebanese items. The application of the identity was fresh, clean, casual yet with a hint of sophistication. The interior design and styling reinforced this design approach, and offered a balance between typical Lebanese elements and western elegance. This page offers a small preview on the Beituti concept design, and various examples of the visual identity application and the interior concept design of the restaurant.


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