Design Alliance Asia

Tarek Atrissi is a proud founding associate of The Design Alliance Asia (tDA Asia); a collaborative network of design firms across Asia. Tarek Atrissi is a representative of Lebanon and the Middle East at this internationally acknowledged design association.

The Design Alliance Asia (tDA Asia) is one of the most extensive collaborative networks of designers in Asia with a shared vision of advancing Asian identity as a vital cultural force and a strategic platform for design.

Founded in the year 2000, tDA Asia is currently represented in 13 Asian countries/regions by individuals who rank among the best in and have contributed significantly to the design industries in their respective countries. These include China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Lebanon/Middle East, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Design Alliance Asia promotes the original creativity of Asian designers by sharing ideas and knowledge of our common yet diverse cultures. It is also committed to working with organizations that specialize in design, research, education, art and cultural exchange with a focus on Asia and the changing lifestyles of its people.

In addition, tDA Asia associates actively participate in international design and cultural exhibitions, conferences and forums, and consult on design, identity, brand and export strategy with governments and other organizations reaching out across the region.

In 2006, The Design Alliance Asia introduced tDA Asia AsiaMeets, an annual gathering of associates and affiliates that includes presentations on recent design and lifestyle trends and key projects from member countries. In 2010, tDA Asia AsiaMeets celebrated the Alliance’s 10th Anniversary with an internal affair aimed at nurturing the next generation of tDA Asia designers to eventually lead the organization.

The Design Alliance Asia established its Secretariat Office in Singapore in 2011 to implement and co-ordinate its various programs, events and services. In addition, a Satellite Project Office was setup in Hong Kong to assist with programs and project development in north Asia.

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