“Dikke van Dale” online dictionary

Year: 2011. Client: Van Dale Publishing, The Netherlands.

1_van_dale_interface_design_dictionary_dutch_english_typographyTarek Atrissi Design was commissioned to design the user interface for the online and offline applications of the “Dikke van Dale”, the leading dictionary of the Dutch language published by Van Dale in the Netherlands. A challenging project requiring a delicate combination of on-screen typography; interface design as well as information design. The on-screen typographic hierarchy has been an important aspect in designing the offline and online applications for Van Dale, as is the case always with lexicography work.



The design process included sketching and analysis of the wireframe and interface design in order to achieve the balance between usability, clarity, and elegant typographic styling. Details of elements from the final interfaces design from the online and offline applications design for Van Dale dictionaries are shown on this page, which includes styling for the tabs, buttons, search and input fields, droplets as well as other required interface elements.



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