Over the last 8 years, Tarek Atrissi have been giving design and typography workshops, short seminar and studio courses and general design lectures in various universities and design events around the world. He has lectured about design in more than 14 countries; and his teaching experience include being a visiting professor at the American University in Dubai; an adjunct at the Virginia Commonwealth university in Qatar; and a tutor at the the Art, Design and Technology Masters Program of UNESCO in 2005.
Education is a main part of our design research, philosophy, and continuous exploration of the design field. We learn from the workshop and classes we give as much as we teach. It is often an eye opener on Aesthetic Trends and Design Conventions across the Arab
world- as well as the opportunities and challenges for the upcoming new design generation.
We try as much as we can to keep in this blog preview of student work developed in workshop, as well as summary of overview of lectures given in workshops or design seminars.
More can be seen in the “Academic” and “Conferences” categories of the blog