Irak+Ich Publication Design

Year: 2012. Client: MICT, Germany

1_iraq_arabic_magazine_cover_designTarek Atrissi Design has been working in collaboration with the Media in Cooperation and Transition (MICT) in Germany to design their publications in Arabic. MICT is a German non-profit organization that implements media developments projects in the Middle East and Northern Africa.



An example of these publications is German magazine, Irak+ich, a publication focusing on the country of Iraq. The magazine is targeted towards people interested in exploring the relationship between people and their environments. The second part of the magazine illustrates the 2011/12 Economic Report on Iraq. The design of the first part of the magazine focuses mainly on imagery while the second part provides infographic editorial material and has a separate typographic features and color schemes while retaining the main layout and grid of the magazine.



The main challenge of designing the magazine was maintaining the German publication in design spirit without compromising the good usage of Arabic typography in the magazine layout in all its details. Mixes of modern and classic Arabic typefaces were used, creating a balance between good legibility and an overall contemporary look and feel.

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