Jeem Television Branding

Year: 2013. Client: Jeem TV, Qatar


Jeem Television is the leading Arab children’s television channel, operating under Al-Jazeera Media Network, the largest news network in the Arab world based in Qatar.



Previously known as JCC (Aljazeera children network), the TV channel fully rebranded in 2013 to appear with a new look that reflects its new goals and strategy. Tarek Atrissi Design was commissioned as key player in the design of the visual identity of the channel. This included working on the new naming of the channel; design the logo for the brand and developing the custom onscreen typography for the station.



The naming process for the channel lead to the name “Jeem”, which is an Arabic letter that is the first letter of “Al Jazeera” word, the pan Arab news satellite channel behind the children channel. It was an easy and unique name to remember; works well in Arabic & English; and is a letter of the Arabic alphabet, which reinforces the educational aspect of the channel. The logo design consisted of a unique hand lettering of the Arabic letter Jeem, and was the result of a long process of typographic explorations and sketching to craft the best possible Jeem letter for the job.



The final logo design was a recognizable yet unique Jeem letter that was friendly and liked by children and that worked with great practicality and flexibility across animations and television requirements. In addition to the logo design, Tarek Atrissi Design developed a custom font family for the brand: a Latin and Arabic typeface designed specifically to work on screen and to appeal to children. The font family consisted of three weights and became the typographic voice of the channel. More on the Jeem typeface can be seen in the typedesign section of our website.



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