Jerusalem Arab Film Festival Poster

Year: 2023. Country: Palestine

The Jerusalem Arab Film Festival commissioned Tarek Atrissi Design to design the official poster of the event, in its third edition. Our studio had already designed the poster for the first edition of the event- and the new poster built further on the initial typographic poster design crafted two years earlier, and gave it a stronger graphic treatment that made it more colorful and eye catchy.


The design reflects the importance of the festival beyond projecting Arab films, by strongly accentuating the Arabic cultural identity of Jerusalem. Custom made calligraphy for the 4 words festival title was designed in two contrasting styles: A geometric Kufi based one; and a fluid traditional calligraphic one- making the viewer read “between the lines” the words القدس العربية. The colors of the posters were inspired by the colors of Salah ad-Din Street in Jerusalem.


The poster design became the basis of the identity of the festival, and the typographic language was used across all printed and digital communication material of the event such as program booklets, promotional material, social media and stage design.


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