Letternoon Visual Branding

Year: 2013. Client: Letternoon, New York

1_letternoon_retail_branding_new_yorkCool-hunting, art-spotting, visual-blogging, and design-shopping all in the context of art and design from the Middle East – that is play field of Letternoon. A New York-based start-up, Letternoon sheds light on new design trends and art projects from the Arab region.


2_letternoon_branding_retail_design_shopping_bagsAt the start of its conception, Tarek Atrissi Design was involved in defining the Letternoon brand and strategy forming the concept and personality of its visual identity. From that point, the logo design process took off with creativity and modern approach to match the field that Letternoon represents.


3_letternoon_Design_middle_east_brandingThe main areas of work planned and achieved for Letternoon were setting the Brand Principles, Identity Elements, Communication Elements, in addition to various applications. This included design principles of printed collateral, promotion material, packaging, banners, internal communication elements and social media designs.



The final design outcome came in the form of a visual identity guidebook as an online digital tool, to be used as a comprehensive shared tool, with all basic design templates and files in all formats and versions available for download. This guidebook defines and communicates the visual identity principles and rules and highlights the visual identity as an exceptionally valuable asset – by being committed to a set of shared values, and being effective through an absolute consistency.







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