Libya Al Jadida Newspaper Design and Team-training Workshop

Year: 2012. Client: Libya Al Jadida Newspaper

1_Libya-Al-Jadida-newspaper-design-front-pageLibya Al Jadida is a daily newspaper published in Libya. It started in 2011 as an online newspaper during the Libyan Revolution, which became one of the most visited sites about the war in Libya, after which it evolved in 2012 into a weekly then a daily newspaper in a persistent progression. Now, Libya Al Jadida has a strong presence as one of the few independent newspapers published in Libya, after a long era of controlled media and oppressed voices.



Tarek Atrissi Design was approached to give a team-training workshop for the graphic design department at the newspaper offices in Tripoli. The team was consisted of an art director mainly responsible for the front cover design aside from directing the overall look and feel of the newspaper, and four designers working on the clock to finalize the paper’s design in time for print. They had quickly noticed that the rushed nature of newspaper publishing was having a compromising impact on the design decisions made. From there came their need for an outsider’s professional fresh take on the overall design of the newspaper. Over 5 days, our design office ran discussion meetings, brainstorming sessions and graphic design exercises to come up with design solutions that suit the needs of the newspaper with its context in a post-revolution country and its particular standpoint as an independent journalistic voice. Graphical decisions were made about the choice of fonts, colors, use of grid, structure of pages and spreads, in addition to choice of photography and infographics that would add a visual support and grabbing factor to the news items.






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