MTV Arabia TV Bumpers Design

Year: 2007. Client: MTV; Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

MTV, the internationally renowned music television, commissioned us at Tarek Atrissi Design to design several on Air Graphic Elements for their Dubai based channel, MTV Arabia.



The commission came at the initial launch of the channel in 2007. As part of MTV Arabia’s goal to impose strong brand awareness, we were asked to create a series of Bumpers for the Channel: creating short animated clips focusing on the channel’s logo. Our goal was to develop a concept which relates to the overall identity of channel, and which allows to create a series of short bumpers that lead to the MTV Arabia logo.



The bumpers were simple and used arabesque and geometric patterns animating and building up the channel logo. They were part of a single system that are all of them part of a same series, yet each animation had its distinct styling.


The concept, design and production of the bumpers were developed under the supervision of the London office of MTV, keen on creating an onscreen presence that fits the international brand of the channel yet that has a subtle Middle Eastern spirit.


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