MTV Arabia TV shows identity design

Year: 2007. Client: MTV; Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

01_mtv_arabia_screen_TV_designMTV, the internationally renowned music television, commissioned us at Tarek Atrissi Design to design several on Air Graphic Elements for their Dubai based channel, MTV Arabia, targeting the Arab world at large.

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Part of the commission was the design of the identity of different TV shows, and working on the concept, design, animation and production of the opening & closing sequence of the shows, alongside related animation and on screen graphics. One of these shows was “World Chart Express”: a program showcasing tracks from across the Arab world and bringing as well hits from Latin America, Turkey, Italy, and others.


Two concepts were developed for MTV as part of the proposal. The first concept revolved around a logo consisting of an abstract paper plane, which folds and builds and starts flying around in a short animation before introducing the show title. The second concept- eventually the chosen one to be aired- focused on the adventure / travel idea, using graphics and icons related to shipping, cargo, maps and discoveries, all blending within a quick dynamic animation.


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