Nahyan Mubarak Al-Nahyan Personal Identity

Year: 2008. Client: Nahyan Al-Nahyan, United Arab Emirates

Emirates_uae_calligraphy_branding_personal_typography_designPersonal branding is as important nowadays as corporate branding. More individuals are aware of the need to manage their own personal brand image and often request the development of a personal logo. A typographic or lettering solution is often an ideal solution because it gives the individual a well designed “signature” to be used s a personal wordmark and as part of a personal brand.

For a high profile individual in the United Arab Emirates, Tarek Atrissi Design developed a personal logo consisting of a geometric calligraphic rendering of the full (triple) name. The layout of the calligraphic wordmark fills a vertical rectangular shape with a delicate balance of positive and negative space, creating a well balanced graphic icon.

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