“The Niles” Newspaper Arabic Design

Year: 2012. Client: MICT, Germany

1_sudan_newspaper_designTarek Atrissi Design has been commissioned by the Media in Cooperation and Transition (MICT) in Germany to design their publications in Arabic. MICT is a German non-profit organization that implements media developments projects in the Middle East and Northern Africa.



An example of these publications is The Niles newspaper in Sudan. The newspaper tackles important social issues occurring as the world’s 2 youngest countries celebrate their first anniversary, post the split of North and South Sudan. The design presents the content in a contemporary and bold manner that stands out for the reader and creates an interesting read.



The Duotone design of the Arabic publication relied on a strong combination of typography and photography. A typographic hierarchy was defined to facilitate the presentation of information and insure good legibility at various text sizes.



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