Rannat Qalam Book Design

Year: 2020. Country: Kuwait

Tarek Atrissi Design was commissioned to design three books packaged together, titled “Rannat Qalam” for Kuwaiti writer Iqbal al-Ahmad. The books compiled most of the articles the author wrote in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas since the 90s until today. The articles span three decades over Kuwaiti culture, society, politics and daily life that give deep insights about Kuwait.

The Arabic publications were designed fully including the cover, layout and binding package. Each book is color coded and has a calligraphic title design surrounded by graphics illustrating the shockwaves the authors’ pen caused across the years. The three books were packaged together- and the inside of the book had a simple layout and used the bilingual font Kermes for the titles and body text.

The images shown here show the end result of the book that we have designed at Tarek Atrissi Design, and that was printed and produced in Kuwait: It displays the final package of the book, the three book covers, the chapters opening spreads, and the overall layout of the book layout grid.

The Arabic Typography choices done for the book insured a good hierarchy of text, legibility in headlines and small text, and a contemporary typographic style that contrasts with the traditional Arabic calligraphy used on the cover. The Arabic typeface Kermes was used for the book interior, a versatile Arabic typeface design by Tarek Atrissi Design


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