Rebranding Cultural Leonesa Football Club

Year: 2018. Country: Spain

The Spanish football club “Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa” approached us at Tarek Atrissi Design to revamp their brand’s visual identity.  This was the type of delicate jobs that required updating the design of the club’s old and outdated logo yet without changing its recognizability.

Respecting the long history of the logo, its main elements were kept as is, yet redesigned be to be simpler, sharper and more contemporary. The lion, the crown and the circle remained hence the key components of the logo, and their re-design was the result of a long process that was based on a study of the club’s history and the local symbolism and history behind each of these elements. The result was a new logo with better execution and proportions, simpler for usage in winder types of application and production techniques.


The new logo design was subtly introduced in 2018, avoiding a big launch or a loud announcement by the club, to carefully bring this change to the audience and fans of the team in a gradual way. The re-design included a simplification of the name of the club as it appeared in the logo, using the name “Cultural Leonesa” instead of “Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa”. The minor change of name was the result of a conscious decision of the club to signal a new ownership, but for practical reasons as well: The club name was often too long to fit in screen broadcasts or scores and results design templates often used by various media outlets.

The new logo was delivered as part of a basic identity which included a set of guidelines for best practice of usage in the wider branding context. This includes a defined color palette, a definition of an extended set of logo versions each designed for a specific usage context; typography guidelines and basic layout guidelines. This included as well guidelines for co-branding and the usage of the club’s brand with other brands such as sponsors, partners, or other sports organisations.


The logo of the football club has undergone a lot of visual developments since it was founded in 1923. This latest design done in 2018 by Tarek Atrissi Design respected the long history of this identity, and re-designed it while keeping its essence and recognisability.


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