Tarek Atrissi Design is a multidisciplinary design studio providing design services in a wide range of projects, particularly projects requiring a strong cross cultural flavour. Our design services are varied and include print work as well as environmental, interactive and broadcast work. Visual Identities and branding are one of our key specialisation; as well as typographic expertise; multilingual design; and typeface design and development.

Our excellent reputation as a design studio results from a dedication to a great service to our client; always delivering the highest quality design and communication solutions; and always aiming at improving the level of design practice at large. Our long experience in the design field makes our project management skills very solid and essential for the successful completion of each project. Our “problem-solution” attitude to design is based on a conceptual, strategic and creative approach. We understand business and entrepreneurship and put our expertise towards using design as a way to achieve results and business objectives.

Over the years, we have supported many organisations and businesses of all sizes to use design to achieve set business and communication goals. Our clients range from large multinational companies to small and start up businesses and entrepreneurs; as well as non profit organisations around the world. The design services we have provided for our clients have gained us numerous international design awards and honours and is regularly covered by the press.

Tarek Atrissi Design’s understanding and expertise in the Middle East and the Arab world- one of the most booming economies of the world today- makes our multicultural design background more rich and diverse and delivers results in today’s global market. Our presence in Holland and our understanding of the local Dutch (and European) market, makes cross cultural design another key expertise we focus on in our design practice.

For any inquiry about your project, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss it further. We are glad to listen to your ideas and suggest how you could benefit from our expertise at Tarek Atrissi Design. This website provides samples of work that we have done on various projects and commissions, and which explains our design approach and philosophy.



Our services at Tarek Atrissi Design include:

Brand Strategy



Logo design

Graphic design

Poster design

Packaging design

Environments Design
(Exhibition Design; Signage; Interior Design, Sculptures; Experience Design)


Type Design

Arabic Calligraphy

Lettering design

Retail Design

Digital Media


Motion Graphics & design for television

Publication design
(books, magazines, newsletters, brochures)

Bilingual brand adaptation

Newspaper design

Design consultancy

Art & Creative Direction

Project Management

Design Brief definition

Concept development

Restaurant design

Design for Museums

Production management

Info-graphic design

Game & gaming design

Interactive Multimedia