Tamria Bilingual Product

Year: 2023. Country: Lebanon / Saudi Arabia

Tarek Atrissi Design was commissioned to design the bilingual wordmark logo for Tamria biscuits by Gandour- the market leading date filled biscuit product across the Arab world. A long design process resulted in two Arabic and English wordmarks that had a matching typographic style and personality, while working each independently as a wordmark in a different script.


The custom Arabic calligraphic wordmark for the product looked contemporary yet reflecting the traditions embodied in the essence of the Tamira brand. The matching Latin wordmark was inspired by the typographic features of the Arabic calligraphy and crafted to match it visually.


The calligraphic strokes in both scripts were treated in a similar approach, and the design features- such as the distinctive swash finishings and the overlaps of the letters- made both Latin and Arabic wordmarks have a similar rhythm and visual appeal.


The Latin and Arabic scripts had the same contrast between thick and thin- while having each script maintain its natural contrast- horizontally for the Arabic, and vertically for the Latin. Both Arabic and Latin letterforms looked part of a similar typographic family, as they shared a similar design approach in how they were conceived, while respecting the proportions and natural structure of each script.


The bilingual wordmark is simple and easy to read, and has a typographic unique personality, becoming the key brand element used on all packaging and marketing material for the Tamria product.


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