Tarek Atrissi Design featured in “Design Firms Open for Business”

Tarek Atrissi Design featured in the design book: "Design firms open for business" by Lita Talarico and Steven Heller . inside more than 40 top design studio fro around the world

Tarek Atrissi Design is featured in the design book “Design Firms Open for Business”, the latest design book by Lita Talarico and Steven Heller, published by Allworth Press. The book provides insights and images of the inner workings of more than 40 acclaimed design firms from around the world.

A varied selection of our studio’s work is featured in the book, as well as photos of our working environment in our Netherlands based office. An interview with Tarek Atrissi addresses the approach and philosophy of our design and business culture at Tarek Atrissi Design, as well as the history of the studio’s working life since it was registered back in 2001 and its development over the years.

Arabic Graphic design studio featured in international design book - Tarek Atrissi Design, The Netherlands

“Design Firms Open for Business” can be ordered on Amazone on the following link:


Design Firms Open for Business is a firsthand look inside studios and offices, both large and small, from all over the world. The inner workings of more than 40 different-sized and variously focused design establishments are explored, offering keen insights into firms working on everything from two- to three-dimensional projects. Designers reveal their thinking about a broad spectrum of important issues, ranging from the names they selected to the underlying philosophy of their practices to the business models they employ. Profusely illustrated with photos of both specific work and working environments, this book provides a unique blend of analysis and biography rolled into one. Each firm is placed in the spotlight, providing an array of successful models to consider by those who are looking to start their own ventures and by those experienced professionals looking for fresh ideas.

book cover design firms open for business feature for tarek atrissi design