Massa Website

Year: 2014. Client: Massa Blends of Tea.


“Massa” is a tea brand bringing master blends made from the finest organic leaves, herbs, fruits and blossoms in the world. We have been commissioned at Tarek Atrissi Design to design and develop the online boutique for Massa. The Massa website homepage acts as a shop vitrine for the user to explore Massa and be immersed in the world of tea.



One of the key components of this website is that it is an e-commerce portal where users can create personal accounts and shop online to purchase Massa products. Massa products are showcased in a simple store-shelf manner with all details needed to learn about the product and purchase it.


This website is responsive, therefore adapts in appearance to any device viewed on, whether phones, tablets or computers so that the Massa experience is consistent and functional across all platforms.

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