The Design critic visual identity

Year: 2011. Client: The Design Critic, New York


“The Design critic” is a New York based consultancy focused on design analysis and criticism. Tarek Atrissi Design was commissioned to design a visual identity for the consultancy and to design engaging and creative business cards that represent the nature of the business.

Design criticism is all about understanding the context of design. We see and encounter design all around us in our daily life, but often might take it for granted and we will not realize that every item had its unique design story. The design solution adopted for the visual identity of the consultancy highlighted the distinct design aspect behind every details that surrounds us: by selecting and using a series of old photos from the family history of the founder of the business, each photo became a opportunity to look at these photos under the “design criticism” context.

The business card series used each a different photo from Beirut in the old age. Each photo presented the chance to look at the style and design history of many of the daily life items captured in each photographic set.

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