Treej Café Branding

Year: 2018. Country: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Treej Café is a new generation designed concept of ‘Emirati and Beyond’, offering a unique, casual, lively, youthful atmosphere while retaining the essence of Emirati’s cultural, traditional and historical traits. Created by the makers of Al-Fanar Café, the emirates’ first and most successful Emirati restaurant in the region, the new café is a fusion of traditional food and contemporary cuisine. After a successful collaboration with Tarek Atrissi Design to develop the branding of Al-Fanar Restaurant, the entrepreneurs behind this new café concept commissioned us as a design studio to develop the visual identity and styling of Treej Café.


Tarek Atrissi Design developed and design the full concept and branding for Treej café, visualising it in an attractive way to portray its positioning and to appeal to the defined target group. Our scope of work included designing the basics of the brand assets (logo, colors, guidelines), the menu templates, the packaging and merchandising of the café, the coasters and placemats, the styling of the café staff uniform, as well as the guidelines for the visual language of the social media presence.


The identity created for Treej café embodies the mix of traditions and modernity of the café’s general concept. The logo is simple, typographic and framed in a circular shape, and exists in dual versions, English and Arabic, with the Arabic one being an adaptation of the english logo through a careful customisation work of Arabic lettering. The core of the visual identity is based on typographic compositions built from the mix of the brand’s chosen display fonts, and the unique blend of colours, textures, graphics elements and illustration style.


The first branch of Treej Café opened in 2018 in La Mer Dubai, a world-class beachfront destination that offers a unique lifestyle that complements the districts in Dubai. The fusion Emirati menu and the excellent service and ambiance of Treej Café received positive and enthusiastic reviews, both from the local and expat communities in the United Arab Emirates.


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