Visual Identity Design of Greenbox Museum

Year: 2010. Client: Greenbox Museum of Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands

1_greenbox_museum_branding_logo_design_amsterdamGreenbox Museum of Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia is the first museum for contemporary art from Saudi Arabia. Located in Amsterdam, the museum hosts a collection of artwork from visual artists living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



The museum’s founder and director approached Tarek Atrissi Design to design the logo and main visual identity of the museum. This included choosing appropriate colors, fonts and graphic elements that the museum would use in their visual communication.


3_greenbox_museum_saudi_identity_guidelinesThe design process started with understanding the outset of the museum, the artworks they host, their future plan into research and being a mediator between Saudi Arabian artists and other museums and art collectors around the globe. The design solution came in the form of a custom hand-lettered wordmark of the museum’s name in Arabic paired with Latin typography of the equivalent English name. In bold black lettering set on a white background, this is a logo that allows flexibility – without compromising on character – in using it as a visual representation of the work that Greenbox is involved and interested in.




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