We’ll Make Our Homes Here – Digital Book Design

Year: 2011. Client: United Nations Mission in Sudan

1_Arabic_book_ipad_application“We’ll make our homes here: Sudan, from the CPA to separation” is a book designed by Tarek Atrissi Design and published by the United Nations Mission in Sudan. It is the first book to include photography from all 25 Sudanese states and the last book to do so after the conclusion of a conflict that spanned five decades with the birth of a new nation: The Republic of South Sudan.



As this book was printed in a limited edition, Tarek Atrissi Design got commissioned again to design and produce an iPad application for a wider circulation of the book. This created an exciting challenge to translate the printed book into a digital interactive version while keeping the same concept and design.



As the book is bilingual, the viewer gets the option of choosing Arabic or English language from the beginning, along with a few instructions of how to get the most out of this digital version of the book. Swiping-through for English readers goes forward towards the right, whereas it goes towards the left for Arabic readers. To give center stage to the impressive color photographs the screen was used in its full size with captions hidden a swipe away from the viewer, so as to only reveal them on demand. With a special attention to typography and on-screen readability, Tarek Atrissi Design was able to transform the physical book into a digital version with a similar ease of reading and added value of interaction.



The digital book can be downloaded here and is compatible with the iPad.

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