Wine Packaging Un-oaked Blend Series

Year: 2020 Client: Domaine Wardy, Lebanon

The Lebanese winery “Domaine Wardy” commissioned us at Tarek Atrissi Design to design the packaging of their new un-Oaked blends series: The Beqaa Valley Red; The Beqaa Valley White; and The Beqaa Valley Rosé.

A typographic solution was adopted for the packaging design, using the Arabic name of the brand “Wardy”, stylized in a vertical modern Arabic lettering,inspired by grapes tendrils. The packaging design uses color coding for each bottle and is characterized by its simplicity, elegance, recognizability, as well as a proud Lebanese identity.

The packaging design was part of a wider re-branding project for the Lebanese winery, which includes revamping the visual identity of Domaine Wardy and gradually re-designing all their products, which include several brands of wine and Arak, some of them dating back to 1893.

Domaine Wardy is a family owned and operated winery and distillery in the heart of the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, with roots dating back to 1881.


The packaging of the three wine bottles of this un-oaked series consisted of a single label placed on the front side, with most of the text of the product description placed vertically on each side of the label, as show in the flat design artwork below.


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